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Longevity of mammals in captivity; from the Living Collections of the world
Richard Weigl
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This publication contains many data of historical and present longevities of captive mammals, some of the data was never published before as well as many of extinct or very rare species and subspecies. 3398 taxa of 25 mammalian (all orders except Shrew-opossums, Order Paucituberculata) have been exhibited in zoos and other institutions. The records provide exact dates of arrival, birth, movement out of the collection or death dates, showing day, month and year. Anecdotal records have not been included.

bibliografische Angaben: 2005. 214 pages, paperback.
Verlag: E.Schweizerbart
Anmerkungen: Reihe Kleine Senckenberg-Reihe Bd. 48