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Field Guide to Insects of South Africa
M. Picker, C. Griffiths, A. Weaving
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This is the first comprehensive field guide to the insect fauna of South Africa, with detailed descriptions of over 1 200 of the most common, most economically and ecologically important, and most interesting and attractive insects in the region. The easy-to-read text is matched with superb photography. Each account covers identification, biology, distribution and related species, and is accompanied by a colour photograph of the species or family.

Given the spectacular insect fauna of the region, this guide should enliven even the shortest walk in veld or garden. Many of the species described occur widely in the rest of Africa and further afield, making the book useful to professional and amateur entomologists world-wide. Apart from its use to entomologists, it will be of value to students, nature conservation officers, game rangers, gardeners, farmers, tourists and anyone with an interest in natural history.

bibliografische Angaben: 2nd edition 2010. 444 p., more than 1200 colour photos and illustrations, softcover.

Verlag: Struik Publishers (Capetown)