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Extremadura - Spain
Dirk Hilbers
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The wealth of birds and the splendid scenery has given Extremadura the status of a natural paradise. The rugged mountains, steppes and Mediterranean woodlands of this once unknown backwater in South-west Spain, are now one of the most appreciated destinations for wildlife enthusiasts. With this guide you'll discover why.

This book is part of the Crossbill Guides series for travelling naturalists and other nature lovers. It combines insightful background information with a series of carefully selected routes and helpful suggestions to help you observe the flora and fauna.

• The only guide to cover the wildflowers, birds and other wildlife
• Routes, where-to-watch-birds information and other observation tips
• Insightful information on the landscape and ecology

bibliografische Angaben: 2nd. ed. 2011. 224 p., full colour, softcover.
Verlag: KNNV uitgeverij / WildGuides
Anmerkungen: Reihe Crossbill Guides


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