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Inland drift sand landscapes
Josef Fanta, Henk Siepel
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For some centuries these landscapes were seen as a threat to society, especially agriculture and housing. At present we conserve these landscapes as important Natura 2000 priority habitats.

In this book you may find these different views on drift sand landscapes through time: The processes, origin, conservation and at present even restoration of this very special but harsh biotope. Next to the relationship with man, ecology is highlighted starting from restraint to restoration. Characteristic fields of lichens with sparse grasses and heather form the biotope of a range of special animal and plant species, as well as rare mushrooms. Their commonality is that all of these species can cope with the extreme conditions in the drift sands, and are able to survive. Gradients from bare sand to forest stands shape the habitat for a specific biodiversity. In the final chapter of the book, it is explained how these extraordinary landscapes with their characteristic biodiversity may be managed to bequeath for future generations the enjoyment of a once breath-taking threat.

bibliografische Angaben: 2010. 352pp, full colour, hardcover.
Verlag: KNNV uitgeverij

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