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Wild Flowers of the Victoria Falls Area
Evelyn Roe, Helen Pickering
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The first full-colour photographic guide to the flowering plants of this World Heritage site. This guide describes, in clear and concise fashion, the common and accessible herbaceous plants and small shrubs at the Falls and up to 40km upstream, in Zambia.

The book has been written and designed with the non-specialist in mind. Species accounts are based on easy-to-observe characteristics and are illustrated by at least one colour photograph.

The text describes the overall habit, leaves, flowers and, in most cases, the fruits of each species.

Supplementary notes provide interesting facts about the origin of names and some practical uses of the plants.

* Some 220 species are covered, representing 70 families and 178 genera.
* Colour photographs taken throughout the seasons portray the characteristics of each species.
* An annotated map of the area indicates the nine distinct areas covered by this guide.
* A concise glossary of terms aids interpretation of the text.

bibliografische Angaben: 2009. 124 pages, colour photos, map, paperback.
Verlag: Eigenverlag Helen Pickering