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A Guide to Species Irises
Species Group of the British Iris Society
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Illustrated by: Christabel King, William R. Killens

Contributors: C. Lyte, P. Maynard, J. R. Ellis, N. Service, M. Rix, C. Grey-Wilson, V. C. Dickson-Cohen, S. Linnegar, M. E. Bowley, A. Blanco White, O. Cohen, A. Davis, S. Jury, C. Innes, H. Christiansen, B. Mathew, W. R. Killens, J. W. Waddick, Christabel King

This volume was first published in 1997, providing a comprehensive, botanically detailed survey of this beautiful group of plants since publication of The Genus Iris by W. R. Dykes. Following the pattern of the original Dykes monograph, botanical details, cultivation suggestions and general comments are supplied, and the work is generously illustrated with accurate line drawings, pictures of unusual species and distribution maps. This survey takes into account the many changes in classification which have taken place in the group. Information scattered in the literature is brought together in one volume to provide an authoritative reference for professional botanists and growers, and a mine of useful information for amateur gardeners and iris enthusiasts. A 2010 preface has been written especially for the re-issue of this important text. The colour plates have been removed for this printing and placed on the web at

bibliografische Angaben: 2011 (1997). 387p, paperback.
Verlag: Cambridge University Press