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The Planthoppers and Leafhoppers of Germany
Robert Biedermann, Rolf Niedringhaus
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This key for the identification of the plant- and leafhoppers of Germany enables students and specialists an easy identification of all species recorded in Germany. Dichotomous keys lead to the 12 families and 223 genera. The identification is supported by more than 3.500 drawings, including habitus drawings of 415 species. On 250 plates all 619 species are treated and the characters relevant for their identification are presented. On each double page six species are shown and their characters can easily be compared. For all species the following data are provided:

Life history (habitat, host plant, phenology, number of generations, hibernation)
Distribution in the federal states of Germany
Endangering (Red LIst)

Bibliographic Information: 2009. 409 pp., about 3.500 drawings more than 400 habitus drawings, hardcover.
Publisher: WABV

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