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Orchids and Wildflowers of Kitulo Plateau
Rosalind F. Salter, Tim R.B. Davenport
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This is the first field guide to the orchids and wildflowers of Tanzania's Kitulo Plateau, the 'Garden of God' and 'Serengeti of Flowers'. The book has been produced with the aim of raising awareness of the fantastic diversity of plants found in this unique part of Tanzania's Southern Highlands - until recently virtually unknown to the outside world.

This book provides an introduction to the flora of the wonderful Kitulo Plateau and its habitats, and illustrates 116 species, including 29 orchids, with stunning colour photos. Many of these are published here for the first time. The text describes each species and provides notes on identification, habitat requirements, distribution and rarity.

bibliografische Angaben: 2011. 84 pages, 130 photos, 25 illustrations and 2 maps, paperback.
Verlag: WILDGuides