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Flora of China TEXT Volume 20-21: Asteraceae
Flora of China Editorial Committee
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This is the largest single volume of the Flora of China, entirely devoted to the daisy family (Asteraceae, or Compositae), with 2,325 species described in 248 genera and 15 tribes. Among these, the largest genera are the dandelions (Taraxacum, 116 species), the asters (Aster, 123 species), Ligularia (123 species), the wormwoods (Artemisia, 186 species), and the saw-worts and snow lotuses (Saussurea, 289 species). Eighteen genera and 1,131 species of Asteraceae are endemic to China, i.e., 48.6% of the total. This corresponds closely with the overall percentage - 50.5% - of endemic seed plants in China.

bibliografische Angaben: 2011. 993pp, Hardcover.
Verlag: Missouri Botanical Garden Press & Science Press
Anmerkungen: Reihe Flora of China