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Grasses of the Kruger National Park and surrounding Bushveld
Veronica Roodt
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Photographs: There are two photographs of each grass, one of the inflorescence and one of the complete grass with a ruler for size. The size is of the inflorescence is indicated on the photograph. Additionally, there is a line drawing of each grass, to show details that are often difficult to show on a photograph. The text is short and to the point, providing the essential information to establish with one glance if the grass is desirable or not.

Information: Information is provided on its growth form, ecological status, successional status, its nutritive value, palatability, its habitat, preferred soil type and its value as an indicator species. On each page is a 'Did you know?' section with some interesting facts and/or uses.

Distribution maps: Distribution maps for the southern African subregion accompanies each grass. This will make the book useful in other areas as well. Most grasses discussed in this book occur all over southern Africa.

Colour codes: The book is colour-coded for quick reference and the colour codes are indicated in the contents for cross referencing purpose.

Three sections: The book is divided into three sections. The first section is the introduction, which explains the terms used in the text, such as 'ecological status', 'successional status', 'decreaser', 'sub-climax grass', etc. The second section is the identification section. The last section is a short summary of the most important pasture management strategies, pasture pests and a short summary of the grazers.

bibliografische Angaben: 2011. 96 pages, throughout colour photos and images, softcover.
Verlag: Veronica Roodt Publications