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The Eastern Alps including The Dolomites
Jim Jermyn
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This publication is the second volume in the series on Mountain Flower Walks published by the Society. It is written by Jim Jermyn, an experienced mountain flower tour leader. The destinations covered include Austria, Slovenia and Italy, concluding with the Dolomites. It provides the reader with a guide to the many hills and valleys where the mountain flowers of Europe bloom.

The author has listed a range of plants that one could normally hope to encounter on the recommended walks. Detailed instructions are given for access, accommodation, timing and finding the best plant sites.

The book is illustrated in colour throughout and maps are provided to guide you at each locality.

bibliografische Angaben: 2011 (2009). 224pp, colour photos throughout, hardcover.
Verlag: Alpine Garden Society
Anmerkungen: Mountain Flower Walks Series

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