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A Beginner´s Guide to Diatoms
Jacob John
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The study of diatoms has become more relevant today than before. Climate change, global warming, and water crisis impact upon aquatic biodiversity. Diatoms, one of the most ubiquitous aquatic life forms have emerged as the focus of attention as the most sensitive organisms responding to environmental changes. It is only in recent years that the diatom flora of vast inland aquatic systems of remote countries is being explored. While there is a rejuvenated interest in regional diatom floras, there is an acute shortage of introductory publications available for beginners. There are environmental consultants, high school and university students, teachers, researchers in many parts of the world who are interested in diatoms. Jacob John (Australia) has written an introductory book on diatoms, drawn from his extensive experience as a university teacher, researcher and environmental consultant. Prof John has conducted diatom workshops in Australia, Asia and Europe, using parts of this book. The intricate pattern composed of silicon the most abundant element on this planet only second to carbon, makes diatoms attractive to architects and artists alike. This book (150 pages) is amply illustrated by more than 155 Scanning Electron Micrographs and more than 150 Light Micrographs arranged in 77 plates. It is written in a direct and simple style and explains the most commonly used technical terms in diatom studies. A beginners guide to diatoms aims at providing the fundamental characteristics of most common genera with examples of species within each genus.

bibliografische Angaben: 2012. 153pp, 77 plates (150 SEM and over 150 LM figures), softcover.
Verlag: Gantner Verlag