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Tagghudingar–svalgsträngsdjur | Echinodermata–Hemichordata
Hans G. Hansson, Tomas Cedhagen, Malin Strand
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Bild: Helena Samuelsson
75 species are presented.
Language: Swedish, English

There are over 70 species of echinoderms along the Swedish coast – almost exclusively along the West Coast. Common starfish Asteriasrubens one can find on the beach, but most echinoderms live quite deep in the ocean and it required diving equipment in order to be able to study them in place. To this group belong except the starfish and sea urchins also liljestjärnor, snake stars with winding arms and elongated sea cucumbers that digs its way through the bottom sediments. It can be hard to see what they all have in common, but both similarities and differences, we will tell you about in this volume of Nationalnyckeln.

bibliografische Angaben: 2013. 272 S., zahlr. Abb., Fotos und Verbreitungskarten, geb.
Verlag: ArtDatabanken, SLU, Uppsala
Anmerkungen: Nationalnyckeln till Sveriges flora och fauna