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The Dragonflies of Portugal
The Dragonflies of Portugal
E. Maravalhas, A. Soares
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As Libélulas de Portugal

This is the first book to cover the dragonflies known from Portugal. It aims to provide a comprehensive identification guide for both the general naturalist as well as for the scientist and conservationist. The book has more than 600 photos covering the 67 species known so far from Portugal. For each species there is a concise text, a map and photos of living specimens in their natural environment. Further there are numerous photos of details that are important help for identification. The book is an important contribution to the knowledge of the biodiversity of Portugal.

bibliografische Angaben: 2013. 336pp, illustrated throughout in colours with numerous high quality photographs. Distribution maps to all species. Illustrations of many details, softcover.
Verlag: Booky Publisher
Anmerkungen: Text bi-lingual Portugese-English

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