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Handbook of the Mammals of the World - Volume 6: Lagomorphs and Rodents I
Don E. Wilson, Thomas E. Lacher, Jr, Russell A. Mittermeier (eds.)
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Illustrated by Toni Llobet

Published by Lynx Edicions in association with Conservation International and IUCN

Rats and mice and their relatives in the order Rodentia make up almost half of the species of mammals. Because of this, we polled our readers and the overwhelming positive response was to produce two volumes treating Rodents. Volume 6 will include all of the families of rodents other than Cricetidae and Muridae, plus the order Lagomorpha, which includes rabbits and pikas. This radiation includes some 35 families, which have spread around the globe, occupying every continent except Antarctica, and countless islands in all major oceans. As usual, the text includes up-to-date information on every species, and each species is illustrated. Each family account includes color photographs documenting a variety of behaviors of these diverse and interesting mammals.

This volume also includes a Special Chapter: An overview of rodents, including chapters on morphology, taxonomy, and evolutionary history; why rodents are studied; and tools for studying them.

Families covered in Volume 6:
• 2 families, 11 genera, 92 species
• Suborder Castorimorpha: 3 families, 13 genera, 109 species
• Suborder Anomaluromorpha: 2 families, 4 genera, 9 species
• Suborder Hystricomorpha: 17 families, 70 genera, 291 species
• Suborder Sciuromorpha: 3 families, 70 genera, 322 species
Contents and Authors:
Family Ochotonidae (Pikas) - Andrey Lissovsky
Family Leporidae (Hares and Rabbits) - Stéphanie Schai-Braun & Klaus Hackländer
Family Castoridae (Beavers ) - Peter Busher
Family Heteromyidae (Pocket Mice, Kangaroo Mice and Kangaroo Rats) - David Hafner
Family Geomyidae (Pocket Gophers) - Mark Hafner
Family Anomaluridae (Anomalures) - Stephen Jackson
Family Pedetidae (Spring Hares) - Raquel López-Antoñanzas
Family Ctenodactylidae (Gundis) - Raquel López-Antoñanzas
Family Diatomyidae (Kha-nyou) - Paula Jenkins
Family Hystricidae (Old World Porcupines) - Erika Barthelmess
Family Thryonomyidae (Cane Rats) - Raquel López-Antoñanzas
Family Petromuridae (Noki) - Raquel López-Antoñanzas
Family Heterocephalidae (Naked Mole-rat) - Bruce Patterson
Family Bathyergidae (African Mole-rats) - Rodney Honeycutt
Family Erethizontidae (New World Porcupines) - Erika Barthelmess
Family Cuniculidae (Pacas) - Rafael Samudio, Jr
Family Caviidae (Cavies, Capybaras and Maras) - Thomas Lacher, Jr
Family Dasyproctidae (Agoutis and Acouchys) - Thomas Lacher, Jr & Jessica Gilbert
Family Chinchillidae (Viscachas and Chinchillas) - Angel Spotorno & Pablo Valladares
Family Dinomyidae (Pacarana) - Michael Mares & Janet Braun
Family Abrocomidae (Inca Rats and Chinchilla Rats) - Louise Emmons
Family Ctenomyidae (Tuco-tucos) - Thales Freitas
Family Octodontidae (Viscacha Rats, Degus, Rock Rats and Coruro) - Agustina Ojeda
Family Echimyidae (Hutias, Coypu South and American Spiny-rats) - Pierre-Henri Fabre, Jim Patton & Yuri Leite
Family Aplodontiidae (Mountain Beaver) - Samantha Hopkins
Family Sciuridae (Tree, Flying and Ground Squirrels, Chipmunks, Prairie Dogs and Marmots) - John Koprowski, Emily Goldstein, Kendell Bennett & Calebe Pereira
Family Gliridae (Dormice) - Mary Ellen Holden-Musser, Rimvydas Juškaitis & Grace Musser

bibliografische Angaben: 2016. 987 pp, 60 colour plates, 735 colour photographs, 850 distribution maps, hardback.
Verlag: Lynx Edicions, in association with Conservation International and IUCN
Anmerkungen: Handbook of the Mammals of the World Series - Sprache: Englisch, Language: English