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Grasslands in Europe - of high nature value
Peter Veen, Richard Jefferson, Jacques de Smidt, Jan van der Straaten (eds.)
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About half of Europe’s endemic species depend on grasslands, whether in mountains, lowlands or coastal areas. Many grasslands originate in traditional agricultural landscapes and as such are an important part of Europe’s cultural heritage. Agricultural intensification has resulted in significant reductions in the area of these grasslands in Europe over the last few decades. Modern society thus has to find a sustainable system for conserving these grasslands in the context of today’s prevailing socio-economic infrastructure.

Grasslands in Europe is a tribute to this essential part of our natural and cultural environment. Their importance is captured in twenty-four case studies from countries in all of Europe, written by an international team of grassland experts.

Thematic chapters provide essential background information like on grassland fauna, the history of agriculture, grassland communities, and the relationship between grasslands and climate. The book analyses the risks that EU policy might lead to loss or degradation of grasslands of high nature value, but also today’s strong opportunities to integrate them into our socio-economic system.

bibliografische Angaben: 2009. 320pp, full color, hardback.

Verlag: KNNV uitgeverij



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