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New Flora of the British Isles
Clive Stace
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Since its first publication in 1991, New Flora of the British Isles has become established as the standard work on the identification of the wild vascular plants of the British Isles. The Flora remains unique in many features, including its full coverage of all British wild plants, its user-friendly organisation, and its specially compiled keys and descriptions. This new edition includes the addition of more than 160 species, so that 4,800 taxa are now covered in varying degrees of detail. It also incorporates the new molecular system of classification based on DNA sequences. Furthermore, it includes 1600 species illustrations, rewritten distributions and an overhaul of the designation of degrees of rarity, with the introduction of a third, less rare, category. These revisions should ensure that this third edition remains the essential reference source for all taxonomists, ecologists, conservationists, plant hunters and biogeographers, whether they be researchers, teachers, students or amateurs.

- 160 new species added, with 4,800 taxa now covered
- Uses the new molecular system of classification based on DNA sequences
- Whole text updated and new features introduced

bibliografische Angaben: 3rd ed. 2010. 1266pp,, 180 b/w illus., paperback.
Verlag: Cambridge University Press

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