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Britain s Orchids
David Lang
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This stunning photographic guide will cover the identification and ecology of all 51 species of wild orchid native to Britain and Ireland, and a further nine species of uncertain provenance.
Its easy-to-use format is designed to enable people to take it into the field and to identify these species whether they are a beginner or an expert.
The text covers orchid habitats, germination and growth, reproduction and pollination, hybridisation, conservation in action, and observing and photographing orchids.
Over 60 orchid profiles include information on key features to aid identification, their flowering and germination times and indicates differences with similar species and sub-species.
Colour distribution maps show where they have been seen in the last 25 years while the accompanying text makes clear the current position.

bibliografische Angaben: 2004. 192pp, 60 colour plates, hardback.
Verlag: WILDGuides (in partnership with English Nature)