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Whitebeams, Rowans and Service Trees of Britain and Ireland
Rich, Houston, Robertson, Proctor
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This book contains an account of 52 native or naturalised Sorbus taxa in Britain and Ireland (44 species and 8 hybrids). 43 of the taxa are native, 35 of which are endemic to Britain and two to Ireland. The British Isles are one of three centres of Sorbus diversity in Europe.
The monograph is based on morphological and molecular taxonomic studies coupled with extensive field work, during which 22 new trees have been described. It is the result of over ten years collaborative work between the National Museum Wales, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Oxford.
The general introduction covers the history of Sorbus research reproductive biology and ecology, interpretation of the characters and keys to all taxa and 14 regional keys. The taxonomy, history, distribution, biology and ecology and each Sorbus taxon is described, with an assessment of its conservation status and notes to help with identification. Finally there is a glossary, references and full index.

BSBI Handbook No. 14

bibliografische Angaben: 2010. 223pp, 476 colour photgraphs, line drawings and maps, hardcover.
Verlag: Botanical Society of the British Isles
Anmerkungen: Reihe BSBI Handbooks