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Flora of Great Britain and Ireland: Vol. 3, Mimosaceae - Lentibulariaceae
Peter Sell, Gina Murrell
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Planned in five volumes, this critical flora provides a definitive account of the native species, naturalised species, frequent garden escapes and casuals found in the British Isles. Full keys and descriptions will enable the user to name all plants occurring in the wild, plus some ornamental trees and shrubs. For the first time detailed accounts of all the large apomictic genera are given and many infraspecific variants included. Each species entry begins with the accepted Latin name, synonyms and the common English name. A detailed description follows, including information on flowering period, pollination and chromosome number. Separate descriptions are given for infraspecific taxa. Information on the status, ecology and distribution (including worldwide distribution) of the species and infraspecific taxa is also given. Clear black and white line drawings illustrate an extensive glossary and also illuminate the diagnostic features in a number of groups of plants.

  • This is the most comprehensive catalogue of the flora of Great Britain and Ireland, inclusive of native, naturalised alien species, garden escapes, and casual plants. Should be the standard reference work for British taxonomists in the 21st century
  • Contains intraspecific variation of species for ecologists and field biologists
  • Contains distribution and origin of species for evolutionists and conservationists

bibliografische Angaben: 2009. ca. 624pp, hardcover.

Verlag: Cambridge University Press