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Flowers of Crete
J. Fielding, N. Turland
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Editor: Brian Mathew

This is a celebration of an exceptionally rich, yet threatened flora. The largest island in the Greek archipelago, Crete’s enchanting landscapes range from rugged mountains to desert-like areas, coastal plains and ancient olive groves. Its extraordinary geological and climatic history has resulted in great plant diversity, with prehistoric links to Europe, Asia and North Africa. United by their love for the island’s plants, the authors and editor have produced a sumptuous and authoritative book, covering over 800 species, lavishly illustrated in colour.

- More than 1900 stunning colour photographs of over 800 species and their habitats
- Chapters on geography, geology, climate, vegetation, crops, ethnobotany and conservation
- Unique picture guide to plants for the Mediterranean gardener
- Checklist of endemic plants, many illustrated for the first time
- Extensive coverage of cyclamen (60 photos), orchids (50 species), euphorbias (50 illustrations) crocus, and aroids
- Comprehensive bibliography to the related literature
- Major contribution to the botanical literature of the region
- High quality production

bibliografische Angaben: 2nd., corr. ed. 2008. 672pp, hardcover.
Verlag: Kew Publishing

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