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Trees, shrubs and lianas of West African dry zones
Michel Arbonnier
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This practical guide to identifying the trees, shrubs and lianas of the dry zones of West Africa is a translation of the first popular work available in French on the subject. It was governed by several basic principles in terms of content and form, with the aims of: responding to the needs of amateur botanists, agronomists, pastoralists or nature lovers with a good sense of observation; using common botanical or technical terms to facilitate understanding of the descriptions; presenting a brief, up-to-date summary of how each species is used; and offering a concise, practical guide suitable for use in the field, which can be consulted without the use of a microscope. To this end, around half of the guide is given over to illustrations of the species described. Moreover, there are four types of illustrated, simple keys –leaves, flowers, fruit and thorns or spines–, a few keys relating to plant families, and comparative tables for certain genera, such as Ficus or Terminalia, to facilitate species identification.

bibliografische Angaben: 2004. 576 p.; colour photos from each species, hardcover.
Verlag: Margraf Publishers