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Field Guide to Common Trees & Shrubs of East Africa
Najma Dharani
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This book is a selective field guide to more than 330 of the trees, shrubs, palms and mangroves - indigenous, naturalized and exotic - commonly found in the East African region. It is designed to help the plant enthusiast identify prominent species that can be observed, studied and enjoyed in gardens and parks, along roadsides and in easily accessible parts of the countryside.
The book highlights the importance of trees in the social, economic and religious lives of the people of East Africa, and also provides fascinating and hitherto unpublished accounts of their use in traditional medicine.
The text is accompanied by more than 760 full-colour photographs and illustrations depicting each species and its fruit, flowers and special features. Glossaries of botanical and medical terms and diagrams depicting flower parts, leaf shapes and leaf arrangements are provided to clarify the terms used in the book.

bibliografische Angaben: 2nd. ed. 2011. 320 pages, throughout colour photos, paperback.

Verlag: Struik Publishers (Capetown)