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Orchids of Russia and Adjacent Countries
M.G. Vakhrameeva, I.V. Tatarenko, T.I. Varlygina, G.K. Torosyan, M.N. Zagulski
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within the borders of the former USSR

The first complete modern scientific treatment of the orchid flora of the former USSR. The authors studied orchids for more than 30 years, in different climatic zones, e.g. in polar regions of the Cola Peninsula, temperate zones in Central Russia, Central Ukraine, and Baltic Sea coast territories, in Mediterranean climate in the Crimea and Caucasus, in continental climate in Siberia and Central Asia, in monsoonic climate in the Far East of Russia, etc. This makes this monograph more or less unique. - Chapter headings: History and Contemporary Tendencies in Orchid Studies / Systematic Review / Species Distribution / Ecology and Phytocoenology / Morphology / Ontogenesis / Rhythm of Seasonal Development and Reproduction / Mycorrhiza/ Species Protection / Species Descriptions / References / Glossary / Index.

bibliografische Angaben: 2008. IX, 690 pp., 97 col. distribution maps. 233 photographs and water colours on plates, hardcover.
Verlag: Gantner Verlag


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