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Flowers of Turkey
Flowers of Turkey
Gerhard Pils
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A photo guide

Within the boundaries of Turkey more than 9000 species of Higher Plants are growing spontaneously, about 30 percent of them endemics, i.e. growing nowhere else on our planet. Simultaneously, in the last decades the country experienced a veritable boom in its tourism industry. About 20 million of visitors are expected each year, among them a considerable number with an interest in Turkey's natural beauties. Unfortunately, this desire to learn more about nature traditionally was hindered gravely by the lack of well illustrated literature, especially for non coastal areas. Flowers of Turkey intends to close this gap. It should make plant identifications much easier for both, professional botanists but also interested "laymen" as entomologists, geographers, gardeners or naturalists.

bibliografische Angaben: 2006. 448 p., Illustrated species: 4153 (all in full colour and with a lot of detail photos, 408 colour plates), hardcover.
Anmerkungen: Language: English

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