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Flora of Siberia Volume 3: Cyperaceae
L.I. Malyschev (Editor-in-Chief)
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The family cyperaceae is extensively distributed throughout the world. It includes some 90 genera and 4000 species. In terms of abundance, this family occupies the eleventh place in the flora of the erstwhile USSR as a whole and third place in Siberia where 13 genera and 232 species and subspecies have been reported. The most profuse among these is genus Carex L. (sedge) comprising 173 species and subspecies that can be grouped into 39 sections under 4 subgenera.

Scientists at the taxonomy laboratory of higher plants and florogenetics, Siberian Central Botanical Garden, Siberian Division of USSR Academy of Sciences, carried out the scientific treatment of material presented in this volume.

. Key to genera . Juncellus [Griseb.] Clarke . Cyperus L. . Eriophorum L. . Baeothryon A. Dietr. . Scirpoides Seguier . Scirpus L. . Bolboschoenus [Ascherson] Palla . Blysmus Panzer ex Schultes . Dichostylis Beauv. ex Lest. . Eleocharis R. Br., syn.: Heleocharis auct . Rhynchospora Vahl . Kobresia Willd., syn.: Cobresia auct. .Carex L
. Addendum Genus Pycreus Beauv.
. Index of Latin Names of Plants

bibliografische Angaben: 2001. 280 pages, illustrations, maps, Hardcover.
Verlag: Science Publishers
Anmerkungen: Reihe Flora of Siberia