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The Macrolichens of New England
James W. Hinds, Patricia L. Hinds
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Descriptions, Color Illustrations, Identification Keys, Conservation Status

With over 600 pages, 400 color illustrations, and 35 years of fieldwork, research, and photography by the authors, The Macrolichens of New England is the most comprehensive work of its kind. The volume includes: descriptions of 98 genera and 461 species; an introduction to general lichen morphology; a glossary of terms for less experienced readers; advice on collecting lichens and performing chemical tests; a review of the ecological role of New England lichens and the geography, geology, climate, conservation status, and major biogeographical zones for lichens in New England; identification keys, both general and genus-specific, to 502 species, including the 461 New England species and 41 additional species known from adjacent states and provinces that could occur in this region; and synonyms, misapplied names, common names, morphology, chemistry, worldwide range, usual substrate, distribution in New England, and comparisons with similar species.

bibliografische Angaben: 2007. 608pp., 400+ colour ill., hardcover.
Verlag: The New York Botanical Garden Press