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Florula de la Reserva Ecologica Inkaterra
Luis Valenzuela G., Gloria Calatayud H., Jim Farfan V., Isau Huamantupa Ch., Abel Monteagudo M., et al.
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From the Preface, by Luis Valenzuela:

In the late 1980s, Dr. Alwyn H. Gentry and Dr. Enrique Forero conceptualized the idea of local floristic inventories that would culminate in the publication of descriptive floras of areas previously selected in Amazonian Colombia and Peru. ... The project in Colombia was conducted in the Amacayacu National Natural Park, in Amazonas, and concluded with publication of the Flórula del Parque Nacional Natural Amacayacu, Amazonas, Colombia, in 2005. In Peru, projects were conducted in two selected areas: in Iquitos, culminating in publication of the Flórula de las Reservas Biológicas de Iquitos, Perú: Allpahuayo-Mishana, Explornapo Camp, y Explorama Lodge, in 1997; and in the Reserva Cusco Amazónico (today called Inkaterra Reserva Amazónica) in the Madre de Dios region, culminating in the presentation of this work.

The Flórula de la Reserva Ecológica Inkaterra compiles all currently known vascular species in the Reserve and nearby areas, such as Rolin Island, Concepción Field Station (ATI), and Lake Sandoval. ... The work consists of two main parts: the introduction and the descriptive flora, which includes 127 families, 593 genera, and 1,266 vascular plant species.

bibliografische Angaben: 2007. 448pp, illustrated, Softcover.
Verlag: Missouri Botanical Garden Press & Inka Terra Association (ITA)
Anmerkungen: language: spanish