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Plants of the Falkland Islands
Ali Liddle
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A handy photographic guide to 56 of the most common and attractive plants of the Falkland Islands, aimed at anyone interested in knowing more about the beautiful flora. Includes an introduction to the habitats and 11 delicious traditional recipes using native ingredients.

Main features:
- An introduction to the habitats to be found on the islands.
- Deals with 56 plant species to be found on the Falklands.
- Fully illustrated with high-quality photographs to aid identification.
- A section on recipes derived from local ingredients.
- Essential companion to botanists and naturalists visiting the island, or studying the topic remotely.

An easy-to-use approach to the identification of the beautiful flora of the archipelago

bibliografische Angaben: 2007. 96pp, 56 clour plates, softcover with plastic sleeve.
Verlag: WILDGuides (in partnership with Falklands Conservation)